Peru president's new cabinet wins confidence vote amid Rolexgate scandal

Peru's Congress on Wednesday granted a crucial vote of confidence to President Dina Boluarte's new cabinet, allowing it to proceed in office amid a scandal over the leader's luxury Rolex collection.

The vote, which lawmakers passed with 70 in favor, versus 38 against and 17 abstaining, gives the green light for Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen to move forward in his post, which he took up last month.

It came during a turbulent week in which six ministers resigned after a police raid on Boluarte's home and offices, making it a key litmus test of support for the fragile government.

In a speech that lasted nearly two hours, Adrianzen proposed "an administration with clean hands, a transparent government to face corruption and inefficiency."

He also listed economic growth, public order and action against drug trafficking among his government's priorities.

After the vote Adrianzen expressed "humility" and gratitude for the support, and urged lawmakers to join the government in its plans for economic revitalization and "citizen security."

Adrianzen was appointed prime minister in March to form Peru's third cabinet in 16 months, after his predecessor resigned over a separate scandal in which he allegedly granted political favors to a love interest.

Peru's constitution requires new cabinets to go before Congress for a vote of confidence within 30 days of their appointment.

This was followed by violent protests demanding Boluarte step down, and that fresh elections be held.


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