Power pole stands in middle of Perth street after mix up

A mix-up between a developer and an energy company has resulted in a power pole standing directly in the middle of a road.

The power pole, in Lansdale in Perth, sits one metre out from the kerb after a development company built a road around it as part of a new subdivision.

There have been several near misses by motorists and cyclists in the area who have almost hit the pole.

It's understood it couldn't be removed until October 28 when residents were to be notified of a planned power outage by the energy company but the developer built the road earlier this week.

"I think it's disgusting and very dangerous," resident Elizabeth Gallizzi said.

"It shouldn't be allowed to be in the middle of the road like that."

The pole has been left in the middle of a road. Source: 7 News
Elizabeth said

The high voltage power pole was there first but a developer of a new subdivision built a road around it.

“One night this young chap has come with a little bike, no lights on, and he’s lucky to be alive.“He just missed (the pole)," resident Domenic Gallizzi said.

“This should never have happened in the first place -you think that they’ve got more sense."

Residents are furious the pole has been left like this. Source: 7 News

Workers placed safety barriers around the pole this week.

Energy company Western Power says the usual process is to remove the pole first and then build the road.

"We're disappointed that this situation happened," the company said.

Drivers are being warned to watch out for the pole. Source: 7 News

Western Power said they're required to give notice for planned power outages to their customers with this outage slated for October 28.

They say the developer was aware of this.

The pole has since been barricaded off. Source: 7 News

In a statement, Musgrave Contracting said "at the completion of our works, approved traffic management was installed to manage the power pole".

"It was tampered with by the general public."