'Ridiculous': Man outraged by Australia Post's treatment of fragile parcel

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A Perth man has lashed Australia Post claiming someone “literally jumped” on his package.

The man had ordered a Jagermeister lightbox, but after receiving it over the weekend wrote it’s “absolutely f***ed”.

He posted photos of the lightbox and its crumpled packaging on Facebook.

The man wrote “someone’s literally jumped on it” and told Yahoo News Australia his light-up sign came “snapped in half and crushed”.

A crumpled box with a Perth man's Jagermeister lightbox inside.
A Perth man's angry with the condition of his package. Source: Facebook

Australia Post isn’t asking postal workers to take signatures during the pandemic when delivering packages to minimise contact.

However, the service is asking if people are expecting a package someone should at least be at the property to give a name and receive the item.

The man told Yahoo News Australia his girlfriend received the package in this condition.

Either way, people on Facebook were less than impressed.

“That’s disgusting,” one woman wrote.

A damaged Jagermeister lightbox after being delivered by Australia Post.
The man says his Jagermeister lightbox is broken in half and crushed. Source: Facebook

Another woman wrote it looked like the package had been run over with a car.

“This is ridiculous,” a third person wrote.

‘Where’s the bubble wrap’: People point fingers

However, not everyone was quick to blame Australia Post for the damaged sign.

Some people suggested the man should point the finger at whoever sent him the package.

“Where's all the bubble wrap?” one man wrote.

“That's definitely something I would have made a wooden box for to ship it in.”

What the sign was supposed to look like. Source: Supplied
What the sign was supposed to look like. Source: Supplied

Another woman suggested the sender “chose the cheaper rate” and should have been more cautious with their packaging.

“Whoever sent it can’t pack properly,” a man wrote.

But the man told Yahoo News the sender wrapped the sign “in bubble wrap” and the box was “stuffed with newspaper”.

“He wrote fragile all over the box,” he said.

“I spoke to him (the sender) and that's not what it looked like before it left his house.”

Australia Post responds to parcel damage

Australia Post said parcels should be packaged “appropriately” to ensure the safe arrival of their package.

“Our people are working harder than ever to get unprecedented volumes of parcels to our customers, and the vast majority arrive safely,” a spokesperson for the postal service said.

“To help ensure this, we always recommend that parcels are packaged appropriately, with adequate protection such as cushioning around the item to make sure it isn't damaged.

“If customers have concerns about their delivery service, we encourage them to contact us directly on 13 POST so that we can investigate and address the issue.”

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