The devious ploy used by children to 'snatch woman's bag'

Two children posing as window washers have been accused of snatching a woman’s handbag from her car in Perth.

Stopping at lights at a Kewdale intersection on Wednesday, the unwitting woman gave the kids the go-ahead to clean her windscreen before one of them opened her car door and took her handbag.

CCTV footage obtained by 7News shows the pair running from the scene before finding a quiet spot behind a nearby bottle shop to sift through her belongings.

The children pose as window washers at the intersection in Kewdale. Source: 7News

A Good Samaritan who witnessed the brazen act followed the boys in his vehicle before trying to block them in with his car.

He managed to retrieve the bag as the children ran off before returning it to the female driver who had remained at the lights.

The owner of the nearby bottle shop, Adam O’Brien, told the network there were recurring problems with youths at the intersection.

The children allegedly grabbed the woman's handbag from the car. Source: 7News

“It’s just a really bad look for local businesses,” he said.

Western Australia Police say it is an offence to stand at intersections and clean windscreens and can result in a $50 fine as well as a court appearance.

Just last month in Perth, a driver was handed a $50 fine by police for handing a window washer $1.50. The fine was later rescinded.

Washing windows at intersections is illegal across all states and territories bar the ACT.

WA Police told Yahoo News Australia the incident had not been reported.

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