Person of interest identified in Fourth of July parade shooting

Police Chief Lou Jogman said 22-year-old Robert Bobby" E Crimo III is believed to be driving a Honda with Illinois license plates. Source: City of Highland Park, Illinois

Video transcript

LOU JOGMAN: A person of interest has been identified. His name is Robert Bobby E Crimo, C-R-I-M-O, the Third. He is 22 years of age. He is believed to be driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit vehicle license plate Illinois D David M Mary 80653.

We have numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies working on apprehending this person of interest. We continue to receive tips from the public and law enforcement partners. And we are following up on every one of them.

Individuals who have information to share with the police are urged to contact 1 800 CALL FBI. Thank you.