"That Is Disgusting": People Are Discussing All The Things That Got More Expensive And Worse In Quality

Sometimes, higher prices mean better quality — but that's not always the case.

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Reddit user u/yepvaishz recently asked, "What has simultaneously got worse and more expensive?" Here are some of the things people shared:

1. "Insurances."


2. "Cable television. More commercials, channels upon channels of nonsense, and a ridiculous monthly bill."


"Wow... Google says the average cable bill is currently $217.42/month. That is disgusting."


3. "Fast food."

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4. "Appliances. Washers, dryers, refrigerators. But hey, if it doesn't break, how can they sell you a new one? I had 30-year-old hand-me-downs when I started out. Gave them away, and to my knowledge, they are still being used. New stuff is 30 times more expensive and fails in 5 years."


5. "American candy bars. They're downright tiny now and cost 2-3 times as much as they did 10+ years ago. Also, you can tell the manufacturers are using inferior ingredients -- the chocolate is dry and chalky."


6. "Flying."


"Sorry, the overhead bins are full, so we’ll need to check your bag and lose it. Also, the flight is delayed and possibly canceled but don’t ask me any questions. Can I interest you in a voucher that is only valid for the next twelve minutes?"—u/vegetabledisco

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8. "Cars."


9. "Vegetables. They used to be relatively inexpensive but would last 3 days or more. Now if you buy them, they look like crap and have to be cooked/consumed almost immediately as they wilt or rot quickly. The larger chains are taking a page out of some minority-owned groceries that buy less expensive last-leg veggies, with the understanding that they will be sold cheaply and eaten quickly. The difference? Larger chains aren't passing those lower costs on, and are increasing prices as well. I'm finding myself at ethnic markets more often because if the quality is the same, at least the prices are lower."


10. "Rent. The price keeps climbing, the wages are stagnated, and the houses keep getting shittier."


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11. "Hot Pockets. They used to be pretty good, even cooked in a microwave. Now they're made with worse quality bread, barely have half as much meat, don't cook well, and they cost about 50% more. All this in just 5ish years."


12. "Disney+, Disney Parks, Disney Hotels, and Apple."


13. "Furniture."


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14. "College Education. Health care."


15. "Movies."


16. "Video games. The shift to 'live services' has publishers pushing unfinished, meaningless grinds out the door, demanding more money for the privilege of finding out how poorly slapped together they are, promising fixes in some nebulous future point, then canning it all and telling us to get excited for the next one when this one is obviously not making all the money in the world."


17. "Concerts."


18. And finally, "Life."

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