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People Are Sharing The Strange American Customs They Don't Understand, And I Definitely Agree With A Few Of These

Let's face it: every place has different customs and traditions — but the rest of the world quite frequently looks at the US and says, "Really?"

confused guy
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Redditor u/thunderpower1999 recently asked the people of Reddit, "Non-Americans, what is an American custom that you find unusual or odd?" In a way, some of these answers bring all of us together:

1."You have holidays for everything, but a day off for an election is too much."


people waiting in line to vote
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2."The Canadians I worked with in the oil field were blown away by all of the television commercials for medicines."


3."Not including tax in the price tag."


price tag
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4."Tipping. So much tipping."


hand putting coins in a tip jar
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5."How difficult it is to get around if you don't have a car. Not everywhere, but there are some places that are just impossible (no footpaths/bike lanes/decent public transport)."


6."I’ll never forget when a college schoolmate from China asked me, 'Is it true that you have a holiday where children dress up and go around asking for candy?' I had never thought about it before, but all I could say was, 'Yes, I guess we do…'"


kids trick or treating
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7."Lack of employee rights — like, vacation time, sick days, and the like. I recently heard from someone that if you're getting sick during your vacation, you're out of luck. I can go to a doctor, get a note confirming I've been sick, and get my vacation days back because I was sick since it doesn't count as time off."


8."Listing out dates as MM-DD-YYYY."


9."Homeless veterans."


10."Healthcare. Dying is a cheaper option most of the time."


confused and upset woman
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11."I once had an American tell me I need to try the 'real' gouda cheese they have in the US because everything else was fake…I’m Dutch and I actually lived near Gouda."


wheel of cheese
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12."Child beauty pageants. Just stop it."


child beauty queen
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13."Wearing their outdoor shoes in the house. Gross."


14."Saying the pledge of allegiance."


people with their hand over their heart
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15."The fact that swearing is such a big deal and you bleep out everything is so weird."


16."Gender reveal parties."


people popping a balloon at a gender reveal party
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17."That new parents, especially fathers, are expected to show up to work within days of having a newborn."


18."The obsession with guns."


19."Senators not having term limits."


And finally...

20."Claiming you are 'German' or 'Irish' when your great, great, great, great, great grandfather was from there and you have never visited the country or speak the language."


Have your own observations? See you in the comments!

Note: These entries have been edited for length and clarity.