People Are Sharing The Scams That Have Become So Normalized, We Don't Even Realize They're Scams Anymore

Recently, my favorite Twitter bot, @PicturesFoIder, asked the Twitter community: "What's a scam that's so normalized that we don't even realize it's a scam anymore?" The responses were viral, all-encompassing, and extremely relatable. So without further ado, let's get into 'em:

1. Tax filing in the US...but you knew that.

Twitter: @esatoshiclub

2. Getting asked to tip at a self-checkout screen is a whole new level.

Twitter: @Phineascoffee

3. Someone said printer ink is equivalent to the air to chip ratio in a bag of chips, and truer words have never been spoken.

Twitter: @MKBHD

4. True life: I forgot to cancel the free trial on my plant identifying app, and now I have a yearly subscription and a new hobby.

Twitter: @9illeh

5. I used to hustle, but now I'm allll for slowing down, taking a walk, and pointing my phone at random plants for $29.99/year these days.

Twitter: @drummatick

6. This. And why don't some phones have classic audio jacks anymore? I keep losing the dongle. And I hate the name.

Twitter: @MphoMoalamedi

7. I always feel like somebody's watching meeee.

Twitter: @hyperspacexyz

8. Currently wearing glasses that are crooked, bent beyond repair, and the wrong prescription because of this.

Twitter: @itsIightsout

9. Because apparently having teeth and eyes is a choice.

Twitter: @Chaantellie

10. Call it girl math, but it makes sense to me.

Twitter: @LokyMann

11. As an 18-year-old, I should not have been in charge of a $100k-in-debt decision.

Twitter: @ogKOBEWAN

12. Me in Michigan riding my bike on a major highway to go to 7-Eleven at 14.

Twitter: @ladidaix

13. Alas, I feel this, too:

Twitter: @KarlousM

14. $15 burger with no fries is what I see when I think of inflation. And never owning a house.

Twitter: @EricEatsHTX

15. Making a three-hour, well-spiced dish that you needed to go to three different stores for only to completely devour it in under 10 minutes.

Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @DonHenzzy

16. Everything about flying is a scam.

Twitter: @childishgamzeno

17. Annnd this is why we use Splitwise.

Twitter: @MphoMoalamedi

That's a wrap! But there's plentyyyy more scams not discussed here. So, let me know in the comments down below any modern-day scams that have become so normalized in your life, you kinda forgot they were scams.

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