People Are Sharing What They Found Out About Their Partner After Getting Married, And It's Pretty Surprising

In some cases, you don't really know someone until you're married to them — and that can involve finding out some surprising things about who they are and how they generally go about their lives.

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Redditor u/Spiritual_Lie2766 recently asked the married people of Reddit, "What is a personality trait that your partner started showing (that they never showed when you two were still dating) the moment you two started sleeping in the same roof?" Read on for some fascinating tales:

1."I knew he was messy, since I had been in his house before we were married — but once we were under the same roof, it got out of control with clutter everywhere. The dining room was for six but only had space for one to eat due to the big mess. He also started compulsively buying unnecessary stuff. After 14 years, he is now my ex."


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2."His childlike the best way. Once I moved in, he opened up a lot more, and I got to hear his real laugh and see how excited he got about his passions when he wasn't trying to 'play it cool,' enjoying simple things like snuggling, going out for ice cream, and trying to out-do each other with puns and dad jokes. I like his goofy, hyper, golden retriever energy side a lot more than than the 'cool, tough, and manly' face he showed me before. Now I get both! 14 years later and I am somehow more in love with this man every day."


3."The most ATROCIOUS farts to ever exist — I mean LOUD, LONG, WET, and VIOLENTLY disgusting. I cannot describe how bad they are. And it is ALL. THE. TIME. He held them in every time we were together until we moved in together. I’ll be honest, it’s a turn-off. I love him to death, but my god. If he farts, we’re done for the rest of the night. I’m genuinely concerned for his health, but he insists it’s 'normal.' NO IT’S NOT."


4."Her addiction to soap operas."


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5."He's incredibly generous and always trying to do little things that make me happy. He is just wonderful."


6."How fucking loud he is when he coughs, or when he gets ready for work in the morning."


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7."She sometimes fights things in her sleep. She just wriggles around throwing elbows and hands around the bed. We started with a double and now have a king. I’m a very light sleeper so I still wake up when she’s punching around, but I definitely don’t accidentally get hit nearly as often. It’s kinda cute, too, because she’s absolutely not a fighter when awake — she’s far too dainty in the arms to be all that effective."


8."Her drink collections. Bedside table, drinks. Office desk, drinks. We watch something for a couple hours, and the couch side table, drinks. She thinks at some point it will bother me, but I love it. It's like her secret that I get to be a part of."


9."How did I marry a man who makes the bed every day?? You guys, he makes the bed while I'm STILL IN IT! Complete psychopath! (But seriously, get to know them very well before moving in. Even more so before marriage. Surprises will still happen, but it shouldn't be anything too drastic, especially immediately.)"


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10."She vents a lot when she comes home. I’m still learning how to help; it’s a work in progress."


11."He's an aggressive cuddler. He even cuddles me from behind the whole time and chats while I cook sometimes. I'm a big introvert, and it weirded me out in the beginning, but I'm used to it now — or, I forced myself to get used to it, but I still hate it, lol."


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12."She tries to snore the house right off the foundation and farts like a water buffalo every night while she gets her beauty sleep."


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13."He eats my snacks constantly. He has his own snacks, and he'd rather eat mine. He also makes fun of the TV shows I watch, like The Walking Dead. I can live with that, though, he's a good guy."


14."I had no idea that he shaved his ears once a week."


15."He knocks his hand down on the couch to get attention. It’s infuriating."


And finally...

16."She did my laundry when we were dating. Now that we are married, each load of my laundry costs a foot massage. I am so in debt that I will never recover from this."


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