People Are Sharing The Weirdest Dating Requirements They Have, And It Might Be Why They Swiped Left On You

Truth be told, dating is harder than ever now! Especially when you add online dating — where you have to make snap decisions based on a bit of information you see on a profile — into the mix. However, sometimes the info on someone's profile is enough to make you think, Nope, and I'm glad I knew that before we went out.

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Recently, Reddit user u/DawnOfLegion1 was curious about things that would be an automatic "No, this won't work" when they asked, "What's the weirdest dating requirement you have?"

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Thousands of people revealed their not-so-weird and weird dating requirements. Here are some of the top and best responses:

1."Mine is that you have to at least appreciate frogs a little. If you dislike frogs, I'm not interested."

Kermit the Frog

2."I have to catch them snoring at least once. If I don't, I will be sad because snoring is so cute."

SpongeBob SquarePants snoring

3."My wife said she wouldn't swipe right on anyone with a gym pic or dog because she didn't want to get up on a weekend morning with a hangover and need to do stuff."

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4."Not having the same name as my sister or my mom. Alternatively, my name is unisex, and a girl with my name is a turn-on 🤷🏻‍♂️."

Taylor Swift in a car with Taylor Lautner

5."I will only take a man’s last name if it comes before mine in alphabetical order. I’m very happy being at the front of the line with a 'C' last name."

A-B-C building blocks

6."If you eat all my pickles and put the empty jar back in the fridge, I’m breaking up with you."

A jar of pickles

7."Probably an unpopular one, but no dogs. I don't like them and cannot live with them. It's just not going to work."

A dog with a big X over its face

8."No flip-flops on dudes."

A man wearing a T-shirt, denim shorts, and flip-flops

9."He should be as smart as/smarter than I am. There's no bigger turnoff than a guy who is noticeably dumber, and there's nothing hotter than a guy who is particularly intelligent."

Joey from Friends looking shocked

10."Not sure how weird it is, but my rule is that I pay for myself every step of the way until we decide to become a couple, then we can split the bills or take turns treating each other, etc., if that is what we both choose. Too many times, I let a guy buy me dinner, and it was somehow implied that I now owed him something. Nope. All done with that."

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11."I never swiped right on anyone with a fishing pic. I love fishing, but if your main pic shows you holding a fish, then you're super basic to me. Every other dude is holding a fish in their profile, and I want something unique."

A smiling man holding a large fish by a body of water

12."Being able to cook. Seriously, anyone my age should at least have one quick and easy meal in their repertoire. I get being lazy and ordering takeout, but for every meal? Huge red flag."

A smiling man cooking a meal on the stove

13."Your playlist has to have some whiplash to it (e.g., two or more genres that are a rare combination, like Slipknot and Carly Rae Jepsen)."

The three members of Slipknot wearing masks

14."They have to like cats 🐈 😻."

Close-up of a tabby cat

15."No horse people. It’s always very important to them, and I’m too scared of horses to be supportive, LOL."

A woman resting on top of a horse

16."If you're not down with sharing food, this isn't going to work out."

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17."No picky eaters. It’s okay if you’re not a foodie, but I like to cook, and if you won’t give my food a chance, it’s not gonna work out."

A man gesturing "no" with disgust on his face

18."He can’t make more money than I do 😭. I know it’s weird as a woman. But I hate dudes telling me I need to settle down and wear muumuu dresses. I wanna lively and free. Lemme pay for your coffee, boo."

Joan Collins saying "I answer to no man, and you know it"

19.And last: "I can’t date anybody who uses the phrase, 'Work hard, play hard!'"

Scott Disick saying "Work hard, play hard!"

You can read the full thread of responses on r/AskReddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.