People Are Revealing More Of The Weirdest Dating Requirements They Have, But Some Of These Definitely Count As Red Flags

Recently, I did a post about where people on Reddit shared the weirdest dating requirement they have.

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Unsurprisingly, the post also got many responses from our own readers who commented on "the weird dating requirements." And most surprisingly, a lot of readers chose to share some of their own weird and not-so-weird dating requirements.

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So I decided to put together a post with some of their comments:

1."Having hatred toward successful women, like Taylor Swift, would be a dealbreaker for me."

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2."At 35 years old, I don't want to date someone who is my age, but has an ex-girlfriend who recently turned 20. That's a creep. Legal, but really creepy."

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3."I can’t date anyone who says 'bro,' 'it’s giving,' or 'not me...' (followed by something they are, in fact, doing or thinking). I know it’s bitchy, but holy hell that shit is annoying."

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4."I generally swipe left on anyone whose entire bio/photos center around the gym. That’s fine if that’s your passion, but I don’t want to be with someone who will try to pressure me into being at the gym with them all the time. Or potentially judge my body for not being fit. Them going to the gym is fine, but I’ve seen so many profiles of dudes that only talk about their workout routines in their profiles and only have gym selfies. At some point, it comes across as douchey to me."

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5."Yeah, sorry you cannot have the same name as my parents or siblings, that’s just too close to home. I always look at the name first on the app and swipe left if they’ve got one of those names before I even have the chance to get attached to how they look."

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6."My last name starts with a W and I'm so sick of being at the back of the line, so I would prefer to marry someone with a last name that's closer to the front than mine. It's not a deal breaker by any means, just something that would be cool"

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7."They have to like cats — I like cats but I am allergic to them. I can be around a cat for a little while but if it goes past 10/15 minutes I will start to have an allergic reaction. But they have to like cats."

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8."If you refuse to drink water or eat vegetables I'll definitely swipe left. Though I don't think it's a weird requirement really."

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9."Kind to service professionals, animals, and children... I'm gonna stop now before this turns into a singles ad. LOL."

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10."I didn’t ever swipe on someone who didn’t fill out their bio. If it says 'just ask,' or some BS, you obviously aren’t putting in any real effort. I’m not going to be with someone who doesn’t care about things."

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11."No trashing his exes. It's not attractive and it doesn't make me think he loves me more if he hates them."

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12."If I were ever to date again, my absolute number one would be that he needs to be a grown-up who is able to look after himself and his living space. I have no patience for men who don't clean, don't cook, don't do laundry, don't keep track of things like going to the doctor, etc. I know so many men in their 30s who are just adult babies who need someone to look after them. No thank you!!!"

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13."My big requirement is: I don’t mind drinking, but PLEASE don’t make alcohol your entire personality!"

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14."I have a friend who has a requirement that when he sleeps he has to have it HOT. If not, and they want a cool room at night, they don't have a chance with him."

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15."Must have nice hands and nails. Soooo many dudes bite their nails down to nubs and do not care for their nails and it grosses me out."

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16.And lastly, "One of my favorite date questions is: 'How do you feel about Dolly Parton?' There's only one right answer. I'm not even asking if they like her music, because it may not be their cup of tea, but if your answer to that question is 'I don't like her' or simply 'meh,' I don't think I could move past that. It may sound silly, but someone like her or Betty White are such beloved people, that to not like them is a red flag for me."

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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.