People Are Reassessing The Royals' PR Strategy Following Kate Middleton's Diagnosis

After Kate Middleton disclosed that she has cancer, some have questioned how the royal PR team mishandled a case of illness to the point of mass conspiracy.

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Especially given that the British taxpayer partially funds the Royal Family's lives, it's worth looking back to see exactly how this mess began — and what steps the Palace did or did not take to curb speculation:

January 17: Kensington Palace issues its first statement.

Feb 1: The palace denies that Kate was in "great danger."

Kate Middleton smiling in a blue hat and coat at a public event

Feb 29: Amid growing speculation, Kensington Palace says Kate is "doing well."

Kate Middleton in a chic white coat over matching pants, carrying a small clutch, at a formal event

March 4: Kate is seemingly pictured for the first time since having surgery, the first of a few heavily-questioned images.

Woman in a purple blazer stands outdoors, looking thoughtful

Keeping in tone with the other images, it's incredibly grainy, leading some to question whether or not it was Kate in the picture.

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March 10: The now-infamous Mother's Day picture is recalled, given its poor photo editing.

Kate Middleton wearing a quilted jacket, smiles during an outdoor event

Some noted how unprecedented such a recall was, tipping the conspiracy theories into overdrive.

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March 11: Kate issues a statement saying, "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day."

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It is arguably doubtful that the photo editing in question was done by anyone other than a professional.

March 18: Video footage emerges of Kate at a farm shop in Windsor.

Kate Middleton in a blue blazer, white top and dark pants, smiling outdoors

March 19: "Friends of the royals" tell the Daily Beast that Kate will make a "big bang" return to public life at Easter.

Royal family in formal attire on a balcony, two adults in ceremonial dress, two boys in suits, girl in dress with red accents

"She is doing well. Everything is on track. Easter will be the big bang moment," one friend said. Kensington Palace did not comment.

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March 21: Kensington Palace says that Kate is working from home.

Prince William and Kate Middleton in formal attire, Kate in a red hat and matching outfit

March 22: The palace releases a video of Kate saying she has cancer.

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In it, she said that she was in the "early stages" of preventative chemotherapy.