How people are making thousands of dollars off parking shortage

A growing parking-pain boom has turned into a goldmine for some residents in Brisbane.

Parking is becoming a hot commodity but apps like Kerb are turning driveways and carports into gold mines.

Kerb’s Harriet Harvey said residents might as well take advantage of empty spots. 

“It’s space that’s free so we may as well be using it,” she said.

“In the city we have spaces listed for about $15 a day. Around hospitals $7 to 8 is the sweet spot.”

Brisbane residents are turning to apps to take advantage of a parking shortage with people offering driveways and garages to hire. Source: 7 News

Many become long-term leasers, generating thousands of dollars in income. 

“It’s a way for people to just generate extra income from extra space,” Ms Harvey said.

One woman said she would be happy to rent out her driveway.

But Kerb are not the only ones capitalising on empty spaces either.

Similar app Parkhound has more than 1200 listed within a 10-kilometre radius of the city, while a further 955 have been posted on Spacer.

Kerb is one of the apps being used but the council is warning users could face fines. Source: 7 News

But cashing in on an empty car space could prove costly, with council warning residents may face fines without the proper approvals.

“You can make an application, but we’re not going to go laissez-faire on this,” Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said.

“You cannot lawfully just rent out your driveway at your home.” 

Though that appears to be a bone of contention.

“You need to read up on your regulations but if you have a driveway or garage it’s definitely legal to do,” Ms Harvey said.

Anyone found unlawfully renting a parking space could face a fine of up to $13,000.