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This Tweet Showing Taylor Swift Bro-ing Out With Blake Lively Is Going Viral

Taylor Swift was at another football game yesterday!

Taylor at the game holding up a beverage and cheering
Elsa / Getty Images

This time, she brought a bevy of famous people along with her.

Taylor and friends

Yes, they were there for a football game, but the NFL couldn't help showing Taylor's reaction to basically everything.

NFL / Via Twitter: @NFL

One clip in particular is going viral...

NFL / Via Twitter: @NFL

^Not that one.

It's this one:

NFL / Via Twitter: @NFL

As you can see, Taylor is mocking Travis Kelce's fist-bumping behavior.

NFL / Via Twitter: @thatguyuptown

She also clearly mouthed, "Look at him."

NFL / Via Twitter: @tswifterastour

That brings us to the issue at hand.

Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock / NFL / Via Twitter: @midnightstrack2

On one hand, you have the Taylor fans:

Twitter: @swiftaydaught3r

"im the biggest fan of Chiefs since last week," this person said.

Twitter: @nemishebegam

"This is Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce's world and we're all just living in it," another said.

NFL / Via Twitter: @JSwisha

The Swifties are loving it!

NFL / Via Twitter: @jesuiscxlme

And on the other side, you have the NFL fans:

Twitter: @Nymetsjets5725

They're hating it.

Comment: "enough"

"Stop bringing attention to this absolute nonsense," a fan said.

Screenshot of comment, which includes "Get some better refs" and "Clown show"

"Yall gotta stop making this shit about her," another said.

Screenshot of comment

Some NFL fans are even calling the game rigged.

Comment: "Refs threw those flags so the nfl could tweet this; I'm not trying to be funny"

Either way, the hostility between the two isn't letting up anytime soon*!

NFL / Via Twitter: @LucyRudyGarfiel

*Unless they break up.

TBH, I'm just sitting back and enjoying it all!

NFL / Via Twitter: @futuredeadcampr