People Are Freaking Out Over Ernie Hudson's Age — Like, I Truly Cannot Believe This Man Is 78 Years Old

Let's talk about ageless celebrities:

Paul Rudd has looked 32 for 20 years.

Paul Rudd at an event wearing a black suit and a casual black shirt
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They say Gwen Stefani made a deal with the devil.

Gwen Stefani holding a plaque at the Orange County Music, Arts & Entertainment Hall of Fame 2023 event, smiling, with two individuals partly visible behind her
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And Halle Berry pretty much looks the way she did in the '90s.

Halle posing with hands on hips, wearing a sheer blouse with bow details
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But now there might be a new supreme, and that supreme is Ernie Hudson.

Ernie poses confidently at a promotional event with hands on hips
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People on X, formerly Twitter, are freaking out over the fact that Mr. Hudson is 78 years old.

Ernie in a black T-shirt posing with arms crossed in front of a "Frozen 2" movie poster
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Yep, the man is 78 years old.

Twitter: @ItsDanThomas

To put that into perspective, he's almost 80!!

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"This man is six months older than Donald Trump," one person said.

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"Absolutely unreal," another person said.

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In all honesty, the man is THE "aging dream."

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Now, excuse me while I get *that* skincare routine started I've been talking about doing for years now.

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