People Are Calling Out LeBron James Over The Outfit He Wore To Beyoncé’s Renaissance Concert

LeBron James is getting attention for the outfit he wore to Beyoncé's Renaissance concert last night.

Closeup of LeBron James wearing a bucket hat
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Back when Beyoncé first kicked off the tour, there wasn't really a dress code. People kind of just decided as a collective to wear disco silver to match the futuristic vibes of the album. But then, she made it a thing for the August and September shows in celebration of her birthday on Monday.

Beyoncé onstage

Everyone followed the rules.

Beyoncé onstage with her dancers
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Kelly Rowland wore silver...

Closeup of Kelly Rowland on the red carpet in a metallic and chiffon gown

You can see her outfit at the link above.

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Tracee Ellis Ross wore silver...

Rosie O'Donnell didn't own anything that color, but still made an effort to get something.

Then, we have LeBron, who showed up to the LA concert last night in a relaxed blue T-shirt and matching shorts. He also wore a fitted cap and some jewelry.

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And, of course, that ended up going viral.

Closeup of LeBron James
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People thought he was soo underdressed.

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One person said he was "dressed like he was lounging around the house" and "randomly decided to go to her show."

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Another commented that it looked like he put "zero effort into this 'fit."

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But other people defended LeBron, with one person pointing out that he at least wore silver accessories.

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...which, true. Regardless of what he wore, I just hope he had a great time at the show!