Pelosi Leaves Her Press Conference Amid Immigration Activists' Protest

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was forced to leave her own press conference on Monday, September 18, after dozens of protesters, including people identifying as undocumented immigrants, interrupted the event.

Pelosi was to speak about the DREAM Act and finding a resolution to President Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA, and the protesters were unhappy with her decision to negotiate with Trump on a settlement.

The appearance at Pelosi’s press conference was intended “to demand a clean youth bill that doesn’t hurt parents, community members, and leads to more deportation and crackdowns,” the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance wrote on its website. “Pelosi moved forward with the negotiation (with Trump) without consulting immigrant youth and community members who have been frustrated by her lack of support for immigrant justice in California. The protesters made it clear that they will not accept a DREAM Act if it means criminalizing the remaining 11 million undocumented people or adding more border militarization.”

Pelosi attempted to interact with the protesters, who ignored her and chanted over her. After 30 minutes, she walked out of the press conference. Credit: California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance via Storyful