Pedro Pascal Showed The Super-Unconventional Way He Memorizes Lines, And Now It's Going Viral

Pedro Pascal, Billy Crudup, Matthew Macfadyen, and Kieran Culkin joined one another for a Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists roundtable Zoom session.

The boys had a gay ol' time talking together, and one clip in particular from the interview is going viral.

The four actors and a moderator in a video call, smiling, with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation logo below
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In the clip, Pedro talks about the unconventional way he memorizes lines:

SAG-AFTRA Foundation / Via Twitter: @dayasdear

"I'm going to show you this psychotic example, this physical example that I have to do to learn my lines," he says.

Pedro speaking on a virtual panel, with SAG-AFTRA Foundation logo in the background
SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Then he goes to the back and pulls out a piece of paper that resembles something the Zodiac Killer would have written.

The men in a virtual meeting, with individual home backgrounds, engaging in a discussion
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"So this is this, like, psycho first letter of every word," he says.

A hand holding a paper with a cryptogram puzzle consisting of a grid with letters and two cartoon faces
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The guys were surprised.

Kieran with a surprised expression wearing a hoodie sitting in front of a brick wall
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Kieran couldn't handle it.

Kieran with his hands on his forehead in a playful gesture
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Matthew couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Matthew in a blue shirt speaking during a video call with bookshelves in the background
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And Billy kind of agreed with Pedro and tried to explain the way he learns his lines in a similar fashion.

Billy speaking during a video call with a blurred interior background
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Ultimately, I guess we can assume it's totally possible this man is the late-1960s Zodiac Killer.

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