Can you see what's wrong with this pedestrian crossing?

A city councillor has taken to Facebook to share a photo of a “new” pedestrian crossing that isn’t quite right.

Matthew Whitfield, a city councillor for the City of Rockingham in Western Australia shared a photo of what appears to be a normal pedestrian crossing.

“You will perhaps have noticed that there is a new 'pedestrian crossing' on Makybe Drive between Delta Road and Phar Lap Parade, this 'appeared' over the weekend,” Mr Whitfield wrote on Facebook.

However, Mr Whitfield went on to explain the crossing isn’t a legal crossing and it wasn’t approved by the City or Main Roads.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the pedestrian crossing was unauthorised.

“This installation of this crossing was unapproved and unauthorised. As the crossing does not meet the necessary safety criteria it will be removed by the City today,” Mr Sammels said in a statement to Yahoo News Australia.

“The matter has been reported to WA Police for investigation.

“Motorists are reminded that there will be traffic management in place while the City carries out these works.”

A councillor has shared a photo of a makeshift pedestrian crossing, which the council is now working to remove. Source: Facebook - Matt Whitfield.
A councillor has shared a photo of a makeshift pedestrian crossing, which the council is now working to remove. Source: Facebook - Matt Whitfield.

Mr Whitfield also suggested the crossing was perhaps painted by a “frustrated resident”.

“This is not a supervised crossing and it does not comply with any safety standards,” Mr Whitfield said.

Mr Whitfield said in the Facebook post he was unsure who painted the white stripes on the road, however he did say the artist did a “great job”.

He said he would also be keen to hear from anyone who might know something about the illegitimate zebra crossing.

“Surely someone noticed someone painting a zebra crossing on a decently busy road!” Mr Whitfield said, adding that the city will be removing the markings.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to the City of Rockingham for comment.

“Perhaps the city could investigate the need for one here before it’s removed. Save themselves the cost of removing it and just make it comply to standards,” one person commented on the Facebook post.

“Good point, however the location is not safe and there is a manned crossing in a much safer location just 30 seconds walk from here mate,” Mr Whitfield replied.

Another person commented: “I honestly considered doing this myself when the council refused to put one outside our busy school as kids safety was in danger”.

“Buy that person a beer for their efforts,” someone else wrote.

However, one person in the comments said they almost “ran a kid over” at the fake pedestrian crossing.

“No signage or anything and the kid just wheeled out without looking!” the person said.

Earlier this month, footage of “zombie pedestrians” was sent to Yahoo News Australia.

The footage, taken mostly on various dash-cams of Transport NSW buses.

“We are seeing a worrying increase in zombie-like behaviour from pedestrians and it needs to end now before more lives are lost,” Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said in a statement.

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