Peat bog fire still smouldering in Foxley River after nearly 3 weeks

A fire burning at a peat bog operation in Foxley River, in western P.E.I., continues to smoulder.

The fire started June 17 at Gulf Island Peat Moss, north of Tyne Valley. Two days later, crews had managed to control the fire around its perimeter. Now, officials say they hope to have it extinguished soon.

"By monitoring the fire and acting when needed, we are not allowing the fire to grow into open flames," officials with the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action said in a statement.

Officials also said putting out a fire in a peat bog can be challenging.

"The recent precipitation has been helpful to lower the potential fire spread, and we are cautiously optimistic we will have this extinguished in the near term," the statement said.

Gulf Island Peat Moss is actively harvesting about 400 hectares of bog.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Annapolis Valley Peat Moss Co. Ltd., with 1,000 hectares of land that includes a four-kilometre stretch of shoreline along the Gulf of St. Lawrence.