Peaky Blinders boss addresses whether new show is based on real band

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This Town boss on the show's real life inspirationBBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos

Peaky Blinders boss Steven Knight has addressed whether the band in new show This Town is based on a real musical group.

The six-part series starring Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery, For Life's Nicholas Pinnock and Rogue One's Geraldine James tells the fictional story of the formation of a rock group, set against the backdrop of the political and social unrest of 1981.

Speaking during a Q+A for the show with cast members Dockery, Jordan Bolger, Ben Rose and Levi Brown, director Paul Whittington and executive producer Karen Wilson, the director addressed whether the fictional band had any real life roots.

ben rose, jordan bolger, levi brown, this town
BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos

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"No, I really didn't want to go there," Knight said. "The way I think of it is, this is the real world. It's what might have happened in a different circumstance. So these are different people."

Continuing, he conceded that, "What we did with the contemporary artists [involved in the soundtrack] was say to them, imagine it's 1981 what would you write?

"And so that's what they've done and they've come up with some beautiful stuff. But it's not meant to be. The last thing I wanted to do was to make this story of whatever band, because that's a different thing altogether."

michelle dockery, levi brown, ben rose, this town

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Digital Spy's review of the show awarded it four out of five stars, and praised its characters and performances, but noted that the story was potentially over-stuffed with themes.

"This Town possibly attempts too much," it reads.

"Those here for the music may find their attention start to wander as we get bogged down in the social tensions, while others here for Knight's signature sprawling soap opera of criminality may not have the same stomach for characters spontaneously breaking into song. Still, there will be a sweet spot who enjoy both."

This Town will be available in full on BBC iPlayer from March 31, with episode one airing on BBC One at 9pm the same day.

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