Peacemaker star shares update on season 2

danielle brooks, peacemaker, season 1
Peacemaker star shares update on season 2HBO

The Color Purple star Danielle Brooks has tantalized fans with news about the second season of Peacemaker, confirming that it is indeed happening.

In the John Cena-fronted DC show, Brooks plays Leota Adebayo, a member of Project Butterfly and the daughter of ARGUS leader Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

Brooks is doing the rounds this awards season with her role in The Color Purple, which brought her a nomination at the Critics Choice Awards. Brooks spoke to Deadline on the red carpet at that awards ceremony and gave an update on Peacemaker season 2.

danielle brooks, peacemaker, season 1

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“It’s happening. That’s all I know. It’s happening. When? Not quite sure." Brooks said. She continued: "I think this year, hopefully, we’ll get started."

That should get fans excitement for a new season, after viewers were delighted with the first. The show was written by DC boss James Gunn, who recently gave an update of his own about season two, revealing that it is "over halfway written."

Previously, the director confirmed that he would focus on Peacemaker after Superman, explaining: "Peacemaker's coming back right after Superman. That's my next thing."

danielle brooks, peacemaker, season 1

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Peacemaker is also getting a spin-off as Waller, the government official who oversaw the team in Suicide Squad, will follow Davis' Amanda Waller in her own show. Gunn confirmed this last year as he teased more details.

"This is also going to have some of Team Peacemaker in it, as the regulars on the show," Gunn said. "This basically follows up to Peacemaker and is going to be done."

Peacemaker streams on Max in the US, and airs on Sky and NOW in the UK.

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