Pauline Hanson mocked after 'anti-white racism' claim

Pauline Hanson has been ridiculed after she pleaded on Twitter for people to get on board with her “anti-white racism” campaign.

The One Nation leader was trying to make a statement about “anti-white racism” being ignored, and attempting to gain attention from the hashtag #WakeUpToRacism.

She said it was “important the truth get out”.

Ms Hanson implored other Twitter users to share how they had been a victim of ‘anti-white’ discrimination.

“A twitter mob is trying to get me deplatformed (sic),” she said.

Pauline Hanson has been mocked online for trying to bring attention to 'anti-white racism'. Source: File/Getty Images

“I think we can turn their hashtag into a force for good. Anti-white racism is often ignored because victims remain silent but it is important the truth get out.

“Use #WakeUpToRacism to share your experiences of anti-white racism.”

Senator Hanson’s post attracted thousands of replies from Australians mocking the One Nation leader.

Comedian Jordan Raskopoulos used the hashtag in a sarcastic reply, writing: “The Woolies near me doesn’t have the mayonnaise I like. I have to go to the one at Ashfield.”

Several others were more than happy to poke fun at Senator Hanson over her tweet.

“That is why all the white people go to the beach in summer to risk skin cancer just to look like a brown person so they won’t be discriminated against,” one Twitter user joked.

“Data shows most anti-white racism happens in winter when the tan has gone. It’s just unfair.”

Another pulled Kmart security into the arena.

“How come I'm never followed around Kmart by security or have my self check-out shopping checked? Am I not capable of theft because of my skin?” a second social media pundit quipped.

Another user took issue with Ms Hanson’s entire concept, calling it out for being completely made up.

“Anti-white, or reverse racism, does NOT exist. It’s simply not a thing. White privilege, on the other hand, is VERY MUCH a thing. Check your boxes, Karen... I mean, Pauline,” he wrote.

The hashtag had already been trending on the social media platform before Senator Hanson decided to form her campaign about discrimination towards white people.

Those agreeing with her were few and far between, with most not holding back in their opposition to her controversial stance.

“I’m white. I live in a diverse area, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never suffered any type of racism. The people that scare me are ignorant people like you, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. They are armed to the teeth and they have an axe to grind,” one Twitter user wrote.

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