Paul Kelly wins Screen Music Award

Ulises Izquierdo
Paul Kelly has won Best Original Song at the 2019 Screen Music awards in Melbourne

Adam Goodes was booed off footy fields but the song Paul Kelly wrote to pay homage to the AFL player's career has struck all the right notes by being voted the year's best original song composed for the screen.

The Screen Music Awards 2019 award ceremony held at the Forum Melbourne on Wednesday evening paid tribute to Every Day My Mother's Voice.

The song was written for the Ian Darling-directed documentary The Final Quarter, which narrates the final stages of Goodes' football career, in which he was booed at football grounds after speaking out about racism.

The song is described as "a tribute to the relationship between Adam Goodes and his mother".

"I've always loved the way Paul writes ballads and when I asked him to write a new song for Adam, I knew he would do it in his own original way," Darling said.

The award ceremony created 17 years ago decorated several award-winning artists along its 12 categories.

Other award-winners included Antony Partos - who got three awards for his work on Netflix production I Am Mother, among other creations - and David Bridie, who took out best music for a documentary, Australia's Lost Impressionist.