Paul Dempsey has a secret for going solo

Danielle McGrane

Something for Kate's soulful frontman Paul Dempsey has a secretive side that not even his wife is privy to.

The singer/songwriter reveals he won't share his solo songs with his bandmate, and wife, Stephanie Ashworth until they're complete.

"When I'm working on solo stuff like this Steph doesn't hear any of it, she doesn't know what I'm working on until I'm finished," Dempsey told AAP.

"I'm very secretive about what I'm writing and what I'm working on because I don't want anyone being privy to half-finished ideas."

However, Ashworth can now hear her husband's solo offerings any time she likes as he releases his second original album, Strange Loop.

While Something for Kate have been darlings of the Aussie indie/alternative scene since the early 90s, Dempsey has found his own audience since his 2009 debut solo record Everything Is True.

"For a long time, the Something for Kate audience looked sort of the same and then when I did my first solo album suddenly it was like new, younger people," he said.

The fresh faces then started popping up at Something for Kate gigs too, rejuvenating their fanbase.

"I feel like the reason we're around is that people keep just discovering us for the first time which is a really lucky thing after 20 years."

However, Dempsey is an artist who doesn't rely on luck.

The diverse mix of genres, recorded with Wilco producer Tom Schick in the band's Chicago loft space, began as a Word document that sits on Dempsey's computer harbouring tens of thousands of ideas.

It's Dempsey's solution to writer's block which has affected him in the past.

"I've now arrived at the feeling that there's probably actually no such thing as writer's block and you've probably actually got to work harder and just slog through it," he said.

Dempsey has 11 new tracks to show for his hard slog, which he's ready to showcase on a national tour, proving he's well and truly kicked writer's block.

"I found I don't get writer's block anymore because I don't acknowledge its existence," he said.

"If it takes me weeks or months to finish a particular thing I'm working on then I just accept, so be it, that's just how long it takes and I have to put more hours in."

  • Strange Loop is out now

Paul Dempsey tour dates:

August 6 - The Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, Vic

August 12 The Triffid, Brisbane

August 19 -The Metro, Sydney

August 25 -The Gov, Adelaide

August 26 - Astor Theatre, Perth

September 1-3 - The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

September 8 - Workers Club, Geelong, Vic

September 9 - Grand Hotel, Mornington, Vic

September 10,11 - Meeniyan Town Hall,Vic

October 1 - Caloundra music festival, Caloundra, QLD