Passengers injured after severe turbulence rocks Emirates flight

Shocking video has shown the aftermath of severe turbulence on an Emirates flight, which left several passengers and cabin crew suffering injuries.

Flight EK449 was travelling from Auckland to Dubai on July 10 when it encountered the turbulence, sending the cabin into chaos and leaving a mass trail of destruction.

Footage shared to Twitter showed rubbish strewn across the ground, overturned cabin trolleys, smashed crockery and spilled wine bottles.

Photos showing a cabin trolley tipped over, a dish rack smashed to the ground and a wine bottle spilled on an Emirates flight.
A cabin trolley was tipped over, a dish rack smashed to the ground and a wine bottle was spilled. Source: Twitter/Seref Sezgin

The severe rocking of the aircraft reportedly happened as the aircraft was about three hours from arriving at its destination.

An airline spokesperson told a “few” of those on board sustained injuries and received treatment on arrival in Dubai.

The spokesperson confirmed the flight was rocked by "sudden and severe turbulence during the flight, about three hours before its scheduled arrival in Dubai”.

“Unfortunately a few passengers and crew suffered minor injuries during this incident,” the spokesperson said.

Photos show broken plates and scattered rubbish from the bumpy Emirates flight on July 10.
Broken plates and scattered rubbish could be seen in footage of the aftermath. Source: Twitter/Seref Sezgin

“First aid was administered and medical assistance was arranged for those who needed it on arrival.”

The spokesperson added the “safety and well-being” of passengers was the airlines “top priority”.

Footage was apparently taken by a member of staff who then shared it with a friend, who posted it to social media.

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