Passenger finds stash of cash in Qantas seat pocket

A passenger found a massive wad of cash in their seat pocket, on board a Qantas flight last Sunday.

On July 22 the passenger on a QF94 flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles found $1900 of cash in their seat pocket.

“It was $1900 found on board a Melbourne to Los Angeles flight last week and it was in Australian currency,” a Qantas spokesman told Yahoo7.

Last Sunday, an airplane passenger found a wad of cash in their seat pocket while onboard a Qantas flight.
Last Sunday, a passenger found a wad of cash in their seat pocket while on board a Qantas flight. Source: Getty

Instead of pocketing the cash, the honest passenger came forward about their discovery.

“It was handed to the cabin manager but was not claimed by anyone on the aircraft,” the spokesman said.

Mystery surrounds the identity of the person who owns the money, as Qantas waits for the true owner to come forward.

“We alerted the Australian Federal Police and we are currently holding onto the money waiting for its owner to claim it,” the spokesman said.

“If it’s not claimed after three months, the money will be donated to UNICEF,” he said.

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