Paris Nicholson speaks with Yahoo News Australia about the environment

The TikTok star shared his secret to getting millions of views. Interview: Michael Dahlstrom

Video transcript

PARIS NICHOLSON: Hey, everybody. Today, we're going to be talking about the top five hottest fish in the sea. I think you have to make it easy to digest for people, ultimately. On a platform like TikTok, the attention span is like-- if you don't grab them within five seconds, you might as well have not made anything. And also just make it fun.

I think when we talk about the environment, it's very easy for it to be depressing because the reality is very grim. And it's important that we get people to care about this. But I think sometimes there's an overemphasis on everything that's going wrong. I felt this way a lot like I've struggled with depression in my life. And part of that was like feeling very hopeless about like the state of the world. And I was like really putting the burden of that on myself as an individual.

Now, I'm able to fully recognize, like I can have an impact, but I can't hold myself completely accountable for the entire planet. That's unrealistic. It's really important that we focus on the things that we can do to give people hope, and focus on the positive and the hope, and sort of the light that's still there. Because I mean, we're still here. The fight is not over. It's not a lost cause. It's not time to just like, well, set it on fire and watch it burn. I think we still have a lot of opportunity to make a change at this point.


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