Parents scream as young girl falls from collapsing inflatable slide

This is the shocking moment a young girl falls from a tall inflatable slide that begins to deflate and collapse on itself.

The incident took place in the district of Pimentel in Chiclayo in the north-western Peruvian department of Lambayeque.

In the footage, the youngster, whose name was not revealed, is seen playing at the top of the large slide when it begins to deflate.

Parents run around the base of the inflatable, readying themselves to catch any falling minors.

A woman points up to the deflating slide, before (right) a little girl falls off. Source: CEN/Australscope

Mums and kids are heard screaming as the tall inflatable teeters and youngsters scrambled to get off.

However, one girl at the top is seen approaching the edge to reach out to relatives, and as the camera turns away for a second, she crashes to the floor.

She is seen lying motionless as a loved one carries her away and concerned parents point out other children in danger.

According to local media, the girl fell about four metres  and was hospitalised with unspecified injuries, although she is reportedly out of danger and is said to be recovering well.

The little girl, who is understood to be recovering well from her fall, is carried away by concerned relatives. Source: CEN/Australscope

The party’s organisers said that the rental company was responsible for the inflatable slide.

It is unclear whether a report of negligence has been filed.