'Thank you for teaching our kids': Parents' very generous tip for waitress

A New Jersey teacher who works a second job as a waitress received a pleasant surprise from two diners who left her a big tip and a sweet note on their bill to thank her for everything she does for children in the community.

Catherine Acampora-Nielsen, a special education teacher at the Lakewood Middle School, moonlights as a waitress at Woolley’s Seafood House Restaurant in Freehold.

When she collected the check from a couple, she saw a note on the receipt along with a US$100 (AU$145) tip on their US$70.96 (AU$102) bill.

“Thank you for teaching our kids — teachers shouldn’t have to work weekends!” the parents wrote.

Ms Acampora-Nielsen shared a photo of the bill on a private community Facebook group to thank the parents for their generosity and for recognising her hard work.

“To the couple that came into Woolley’s today and left this for me, I can’t thank you enough — lucky there are people out there who appreciate hard workers — hope you two enjoyed your day away from the kids,” her Facebook post read.

The post was later re-shared on a public Facebook group on Sunday to bring attention to the couple’s kindness.

While Ms Acampora-Nielsen just wanted to express her gratitude, her post fielded responses from people on Facebook pointing out how common it is for teachers to have to work additional jobs.

"I'm a teacher myself and I used to work three jobs at one point," one person commented.

The teacher works at New Jersey's Woolley's Fish Market and Seafood House. Source: Google Maps, file

"So commendable," another wrote.

"Thanks for creating a conversation that illustrates how many of we teachers have had to work more than one job to support our families."

Michael Inzelbuch, General Counsel for the Lakewood Board of Education, confirmed Ms Acampora-Nielsen worked as a special education teacher at the Lakewood Middle School, adding she was “an excellent staff member.”

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Ms Acampora-Nielsen for comment but has not yet receive a response.

Woolley’s Seafood House Restaurant declined to comment.

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