Parents fined after teen refuses to get out of bed for school

Parents of a teenage boy who refused to go to school have each been fined $47.

Donna Davey and Shane Dryden, from New Zealand’s Otago region, told Dunedin District Court they were at a loss as to how to get their boy to class, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The 15-year-old, a student at South Otago High School until May this year, had un-enrolled from his high school and primary school because of extended periods of non-attendance, the court heard.

The court heard in 2018, of 62 school days the teen missed 45, the NZ Herald reported. Only seven were said to be for justified reasons.

The court heard of the 62 school days the boy missed only seven were for justified reasons. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

His parents are separated and he lives with his mum, but both parents were threatened with a criminal charge in May.

The parents’ lawyer Jo Turner told the court Ms Davey and Mr Dryden “tried everything” to get their son out of bed but “he refuses”, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Community Magistrate Simon Heale said a conviction for the parents was a “last resort”.

He appreciated it was difficult to get some children to go to school but it was Ms Davey’s and Mr Dryden’s responsibility to ensure he attended his classes.

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