Parents create 'heartbreaking' contract to evict 18-year-old son

An eviction notice issued to an 18-year-old by his mother and step-father has sparked debate on a Reddit thread.

An image of the detailed eviction notice was posted in a thread titled ‘Insane Parents’ and according to the original poster, the subject of the notice is a teenager still in high school.

“My parents took in their neighbour’s 18 year old kid, still in 11th grade, who was getting kicked out because his stepdad didn’t want another male adult in the house,” the post read.

The Reddit user said that the boy was forced to sign the contract which was witnessed by his younger sister.

The notice was a two part eviction notice, the first part required the teenager to move from his bedroom within 30 days and move into the basement where he was allowed to sleep on the spare lounge.

The second part of the eviction instructed the boy to move out of the home all together within 60 days of signing the agreement.

There were limitations on how often he was allowed to use the “bathroom for hygiene once a day” and he was required to leave the property between 9am and 10pm each day to find employment.

The eviction notice gave the teenager 30 days to move into the basement, and a further 30 days to move out of the home all together. Source: Reddit

Reddit users sympathised with the subject of the contract, with most people responding that they agreed with the forum title ‘Insane Parents’.

“I’ll never understand ‘parents’ who put people before their kids,” one person responded.

“That woman is no mother! I blame her just as much if not more than the stepfather,” someone said.

One person pointed out that one of the conditions surrounding self-harm suggested the boy may have mental health issues.

“You are not allowed to harm yourself in any way, or this contract is voided and you will be escorted from this property permanently,” the notice read.

“If a child is committing self-harm, it doesn't matter how they are using it. The end point is that they're dealing with mental health issues and should be brought into treatment,” someone said.

“This is heartbreaking,” another person added.

The original poster updated concerned followers and said that although he was unsure if the eviction issue was resolved, his parents were still providing support.

“Last I heard, my parents are teaching him how to drive! They’re also helping him get his grades up,” he wrote.

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