Parents' brutal response to children's refusal of family outing

An Australian couple’s parenting skills have been applauded around the world after their apparent response to their children’s refusal to go on a family outing went viral. 

A mother said on Facebook on Sunday she and her husband had asked their three kids to go on a day trip to Warrnambool, on the southwest coast of Victoria.

But much to their dismay, the parents said the children rebuffed the invite. 

A mother and father decided to take their "hardest working family member", their modem, out for the day after their children refused. Source: Facebook

“We were met with the response: ‘That’s so boring, I don’t want to go’,” she said. 

“[My husband] and I decided that instead of taking three unappreciative kids out, we let the ones who didn't want to go stay home and took our most overworked family member for a well deserved day out... our modem.”

The mum posted a series of images showing a modem posed on a picturesque beach, with a kebab lunch, on a playground swing set and even with a cold beer at the end of the trip.

The mum posted a series of images showing their modem with a kebab lunch and on a playground swing set. Source: Facebook

“Modem had a fantastic day not being used by the kids and it was lovely not to listen to constant bickering,” she wrote. 

At the time of writing, the post has captured a lot of attention online, gaining more than 100,000 likes and 29,000 comments. 

Thousands of people applauded the couple for their “brilliant parenting”.

“Bloody brilliant. Glad you had a wonderful day out, Modem,” one woman said. 

In these photos, the modem is seen with laughing clown machines and a beer. Source: Facebook.

“Parent of the year award goes to you! Glad the modem got a rest and hope he/she is more appreciated now,” a second person said. 

“Seriously love this! We lock devices in a safe but they can still get Netflix – definitely doing this in the near future!” a third person chimed in. 

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