Parents angry at childcare centre after toddlers escape and wander onto road

Angry parents are asking how two toddlers escaped a Melbourne child care centre and ended up on a busy road.

Terrifying dashcam footage shows the moment the children obliviously wandered across the 70km/h Ballan Road in Werribee at around 10am Tuesday.

One boy can be seen leading the other across several lanes of traffic as stunned motorists from both directions come to a halt before rushing out of their vehicles to pull them to safety.

“I’m absolutely mortified,” one concerned parent said.

The two boys brought traffic to a standstill after running into the busy road. Source: 7News

“The roads here are completely unforgiving so you just sort of imagine. It actually gets me upset because you imagine your own children.”

One of the boys, who is just two and a half years old, ran onto the road, forcing witness Dale Crean to slam on the brakes.

“All of a sudden I see these two little kids jump out start running across the road,” he recalled.

Horrified parents who use the Werribee West Family Centre are now demanding answers.

“I was shocked to tell you the truth it made me feel sick… I want to know how it did happen,” another mother said.

Parents are puzzled over how the children escaped, revealing the handles to the front doors are at shoulder height.

Motorist Dale Crean rushed to try and stop the children wandering across the road. Source: 7News
Parents outside the centre expressed their anger. Source: 7News

The two little boys managed to travel more than 100 metres, heading across the road before stunned motorists came to their rescue.

In the dashcam, a man can be seen guiding the boys to the side of the road as staff from the centre rush to the scene after realising the boys were missing.

Early Childhood Management Services CEO Kim Bertano thanked the passers-by for their actions.

The Werribee West Family Centre where the boys escaped. Source: 7News

“We’re hugely grateful the children were returned to the service and they are safe and with their families unharmed,” she said.

A review has now been launched by an independent assessor who will try and determine exactly how the boys escaped.

Ms Bertino said the incident is “totally unacceptable”.

“We need to make sure our children are safe,” she stressed.

The Victorian Education and Training Department told Yahoo7 News they were investigating the incident after the children were left unattended.

“The health and safety of children in early childhood centres and schools is of utmost importance,” the spokesperson said.