Paramedic spat at, punched in Vic attack

Callum Godde

A Melbourne paramedic has allegedly been punched in the face and spat at by an alcohol-affected patient.

The Ambulance Victoria worker suffered back and facial injuries after being called to a house in Epping, north of Melbourne, about 12.40am on Thursday.

A 22-year-old man, reportedly unconscious after drinking excessively, shouted verbal abuse and spat at the paramedics as he was woken.

The patient was given some sedation, but the alleged violence continued.

"As they wheeled him on a stretcher to the ambulance, the patient lunged at one of the paramedics, punching him in the face," Ambulance Victoria said in a statement.

"This caused the stretcher to tip, and the paramedic grabbed the stretcher to stop it from falling - resulting in the paramedic taking the full weight of the stretcher and the patient in his outstretched arms."

The 44-year-old senior officer was treated for severe back pain after transferring the patient to hospital.

He was later admitted to hospital.

Police are investigating.