Paolo Di Canio's Wimbledon wonder strike for West Ham: One of the Premier League greats - 20 years ago today

Matt Davies
Getty Images

An abundance of astonishing goals have graced the Premier League throughout its history; Wayne Rooney's stunning Newcastle volley and Denis Bergkamp's turn and finish being examples.

However, one goal that will stick in the memories for West Ham fans is Paolo Di Canio's stunning strike against Wimbledon which occurred exactly 20 years ago on March 26 2000.

Di Canio's strike - a truly iconic moment in West Ham folklore - ensured Harry Redknapp's side secured a 2-1 win, Frederic Kanoute with the other goal.

Where many would have simply taken a touch, Di Canio - from the acutest of angles - jumped and scissor kicked the ball with the outside of his foot into the far corner. A simply incredible goal, one that ranked third in the in FourFourTwo's Top 25, and first in Jamie Redknapp's Top 20.

It was also named the greatest in Boleyn Ground history and given a special honour during the stadium's closing ceremony.

Take a look at the quite brilliant strike:

Di Canio, reflecting on the goal, told West Ham's official website: “The Wimbledon goal was very good!” he smiled. “The delivery was a typical English delivery, you know, as it was a delivery that started and arrived quickly.

“In an instant, I saw this ball arrive and I did a bicycle volley instinctively and the percentage of the difficulty is 99 per cent. But, if you see the change in the air, it is a harmony that only the dancer can have.

“I can understand in England why they show this because it was pretty much a perfect strike.”

Wimbledon goalkeeper Neil Sullivan, although perhaps not at the time, remains in awe at the strike.

“The dive was just a token dive!” he said. “It was more fall over than a dive as it came off his foot like a bullet. To actually do that takes some guts to do it! It could have gone anywhere, but it went right in the far corner.”

Di Canio scored 51 goals in 135 appearances for West Ham and goes down as one of their most notorious and talented players of all time.