Panicked passengers jump from plane wings in emergency landing

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Dallas in the US had to use escape slides to exit the plane after a fire forced an emergency landing in New Mexico.

Flight 3562 was heading for Dallas when passengers reported smoke in the cabin, possibly caused by an electrical fire.

After landing in Albuquerque, emergency crews raced onto the tarmac.

Several passengers took to Twitter to describe the "scary" experience of having to jump off the aircraft's wing.

Passengers jump onto the escape slide. Source: Twitter/Brandon Coxsize=O

"A flight to remember," wrote Brandon Cox, who posted footage of the escape slide drama to Twitter.

"Something I hope I never experience again. You see these things in movies and never expect it to happen to you!

"Most importantly everyone is out safe but man what a scare," he wrote.

In the video, a crew member can be heard urging passengers: "Stay calm, stay calm, the plane is not in any danger.. Relax guys!"

As passengers exit but then loiter near the plane, the employee can be heard shouting: "Get away from the aircraft, let's go!", and later, "Put your phones down! This is not the time to record!"

Several passengers took to social media to post photos and videos of the event.

"Thank you [to] the pilots and flight attendants for remaining extremely calm and professional," Deven Lopez wrote.

"Definitely a crazy experience!"

"Terrifying experience but we are safe," Sara Hassan wrote.

"For the gentleman who helped me jump off the wing of the plane , I am forever thankful.

"Crew was great but what was mostly heartwarming is how everybody was helping everybody."

Southwest Airlines later issued a statement confirming that: "After safely landing, 140 passengers evacuated the aircraft on a clear taxiway."

"Initial reports indicate five customers requested assessment by medical personnel," the statement said.

"Our people in Albuquerque worked to get customers onboard another aircraft to continue their journey to Dallas.

It was a night to remember for the crew and passengers of this Southwest Airlines flight. Source: Twitter/Brandon Cox

The diverted aircraft will remain in Albuquerque until our mechanics inspect and clear its return to service."

A Dallas police officer on the flight tweeted that Dallas-based Southwest's flight attendants "did a great job".

Passengers arrived in Dallas early on Monday morning.