Panda Fu Ni to be artificially inseminated

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Artificial insemination will be used on Adelaide Zoo's giant panda Fu Ni in the ongoing bid for a panda cub.

The zoo's panda exhibit will close from Friday for the annual panda breeding season.

The zoo says the medical intervention this year was recommended by officials from the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda.

"Using progressive and scientific intervention at this time in the giant pandas' life stage offers the best chance of a successful pregnancy," the zoo said.

"Giant panda reproduction is precariously limited and difficult.

"The female only ovulates for a very short window, between 24 and 72 hours once per year, and even if the timing is right she is able to withhold or delay pregnancy."

Fu Ni and her potential mate Wang Wang have been in Adelaide since 2009 on loan from China.

Efforts to have her give birth are part of a global conservation program for the vulnerable species, with fewer than 2000 left in the wild.