Palmer's court document deadline looms

Clive Palmer's deadline has arrived to submit documents to the Federal Court showing communications between himself and nephew Clive Mensink.

Last week the former federal MP was ordered to hand over phone records, emails, texts, letters, voice recordings and other materials dating as far back as June 1, 2016, under the ongoing probe into the collapse of Queensland Nickel.

Since Mr Mensink left Australia two years ago, Queensland Nickel liquidators have been trying to find him and question him over the company's 2016 failure.

During an earlier hearing, Mr Palmer's lawyers argued the production of documents was too large a task that would take, at least, months.

Westpac, Telstra and All Way Travel have provided Mr Mensink's bank, telephone and travel records and his son, Ryan Mensink, also supplied documents.

Mr Palmer, who has several matters before the court, has until Wednesday to satisfy the court order.