No need for Hanson's burqa ban: Palaszczuk

Shae McDonald

Pauline Hanson's proposal to ban the burqa in Queensland government buildings would be a waste of time according to Premier Annastacia Palasczuk, because such a measure is effectively already in place.

Ms Palaszczuk said on Tuesday the state already adhered to a series of national procedures and policies that required people to show their full face when entering government buildings.

"Also for driver's licences this is already the law so I don't know what she's particularly talking about when this already exists," she said.

Ms Palaszczuk said the existing policies did not specifically ban burqas, but rather required people to display their full face.

Ms Hanson on Monday said she would move to prohibit burqas in specific areas if she wins the upcoming Queensland state election.

"I'm going to ban the burqa in government buildings, banks and schools," she told Sky News.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agreed people should be required to show their face for the purpose of identification, but said otherwise banning items of clothing isn't the Australian way.

"We've got a very easygoing society, we don't tell people what to wear. Australians wear a wide range of clothing," Mr Turnbull told reporters at Redcliffe.

LNP defector Steve Dickson, who joined One Nation last week, supported his leader's stance on the issue on Tuesday.

"You can't smoke in a government building, you can't wear a motorcycle helmet so why should you wear a burqa?" Mr Dickson told ABC Radio.

"You're still covering your face."