How did Packers WR Davante Adams miss only 1 play after this brutal helmet-to-helmet hit?

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The scariest moment of the Sunday night game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers was also arguably the most questionable for the officials.

And then it turned into one of the most confusing.

Packers wide receiver Davante Adams was left motionless on the ground after taking a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit from Niners safety Jimmie Ward while trying to haul in a deep pass from Aaron Rodgers. Adams appeared to go out cold from the hit and left for the medical tent after multiple minutes on the ground.

Somehow, the hit wasn't called for unnecessary contact against a defenseless receiver:

While the lack of repercussions for the hit was questionable, the situation got even more confusing when Adams returned after all of one play. It was hard to imagine the Packers or another authority could have conducted any kind of substantial concussion test in the time Adams spent in the tent.

The Packers didn't seem concerned about Adams' health once he was back in the game. Rodgers targeted Adams five times over the Packers' final three drives, including two completions to set up a game-winning field goal from Mason Crosby.

Adams finished with 12 receptions for 132 yards and a touchdown.

Davante Adams: 'It wasn't a concussion'

The wideout shed some light on the situation after the game. He said he stayed on the ground because the hit had knocked the wind out of him rather than any kind of head injury.

"It wasn't a concussion," Adams told reporters. "I went on the sideline. They evaluated, and saw right away, I was straight. More than anything, on the ground, was my chest. I was having trouble catching a breath. But, definitely good now."

Adams said he doesn't think his availability for next week's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was in jeopardy and claimed his concussion test really was that quick.

"It was pretty apparent to them right away," Adams said. "I think me being down is what had them kinda worried at the beginning. And then once they came over and was talking to me, they went through all the protocol on the field, then when I came off, went in the tent. I was ready to go on the sideline. They said they had to go in the tent, check me out. So, went in there, knocked that out, and then, back out there."

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