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Can the Packers make moves at the trade deadline to be competitive? | You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and NFL Writer Frank Schwab discuss the disappointing showing from the Green Bay Packers against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football, and debate if it’s worth the Packers pushing for major moves at the trade deadline to make a run at the playoffs.

Video transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Frank, I think that it was not the best thing for the Green Bay Packers to go play in Buffalo. I think even the glass half full crowd, to me, if you watch this game and the Packers lose 27-17, I feel like the score is not really indicative of what happened in this game. Buffalo got sleepy in the second half of this game. This was worse than a 10-point loss, right, for Green Bay? Even for the half full crowd.

FRANK SCHWAB: Oh yeah, easily. I mean, there was never a moment in the three hours watching that game where I thought a Packers are going to win. Not one moment. I guess maybe when the Bills punted on the first drive, you're like, well, maybe they could be-- No, not really.

The Bills, it was just, yeah, you're right, they slept walked through the second half. And that's where we are with the Bills at this point, Charles. The Bills could play their C minus game in the second half, D plus game, whatever it was. There's still no danger of them losing this game.

Aaron Rodgers is stuck on 74 yards a few minutes into the fourth quarter. But I just think a lot of teams go look terrible against the Bills. And now the Packers can kind of say all right we got that L out of our system. Let's focus on teams we can actually beat now.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, I have a little bit of a conspiracy theory and I thought about it more as the week went on toward this, and we've been down the road before, where Aaron Rodgers likes to play these little word games, right? He likes to make these little statements that there's more there, and he's like, my future is a beautiful mystery, but really, pay me or trade me, right? I mean, that's really what that was. Oh, yeah, I've been immunized.

No, I didn't take the shot. It's like he's got a few of these, right? Last week, they lost the Commanders. He says, this week nobody's going to give us a chance going to Buffalo on Sunday Tonight Football with a chance to get exposed.

Shoot, this might be the best thing for us, right? So in the moment I'm thinking, all right, he's being defiant. There's this hidden message in there about maybe he really actually does believe in the team and they're going to show it. But then as I thought about it, as the week went on I thought, what if he's being literal?

What if Aaron Rodgers is sitting there saying, I've told the coaches, OK, there's a problem with the personnel. Some of these guys aren't performing. I want the front office to know this team is not constructed to compete with a Super Bowl elite in the NFL. Maybe the best thing for us since it feels like they're not listening to me is to go play Buffalo and go ahead and let it play out on the field and then afterward go, that's what a Super Bowl team looks like and this is what we look like when we line up against a Super Bowl team.

So either scheme it differently with the talent you have or the trade deadline's on Tuesday, change the talent you have, one or the other. Do something here because we are far behind that Buffalo Bills team. Here's my question for you. They're going the trade deadline, it doesn't feel like a team that's like one player away or maybe not two players away. So if you're sitting there and you going, if we add Brandin Cooks to these wide receivers, is that going to not just over the top? It's not going to change anything, it's not a Super Bowl level team, what are you going to try and pretend and play that game that at 3-5 we're going to burn some assets for a team that's probably not going to be a Super Bowl team?

FRANK SCHWAB: I mean, what I mortgage the future for Brandin Cooks? No. But when you say they don't seem like a team that's one player away, I'd push back on that a little bit. The unfortunate thing is the one player is he's playing in Las Vegas right now, he wears number 17.

There were a totally different team when they had an alpha receiver. I don't know if Brandin Cooks can be that difference maker, but I'd also say, I think you have to try. Why not? What does it really hurt?

You have a 38-year-old quarterback who's maybe the most talented we've ever seen. You don't have very long with him. Shove your chips in the middle of the table. This whole waiting game they're playing of, oh, we just want to stay good, we want to stay good, but we're never going to take a shot at great.

They've never gotten aggressive like the Rams have and I think it's bitten them a little bit. I think it's cost them a chance to go to multiple Super Bowls, or at least one more. So I'd like to see them at least try is what I'm saying.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Fair enough. It's just too late for me. I am not against trying, I just don't think it's one guy. I'm sorry, I just don't see Brandin Cooks as being-- Brandin Cooks will not help them stop the run game, OK? Brandin Cooks will not help them rush the passer any better. I mean, just defensively, they should be a better team than they are.

FRANK SCHWAB: They should be much better defensively, I'll give you that. I'll give you that. This is a really disappointing defense.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It's just funny because we're back at the same place again and I really actually do think the Packers are in a tough spot here, because they have to be sitting there going, this feels further away than a 27-17 game and I don't know how we fix it.