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Pac-2 is suing the deserters, transfer portal is improving parity & who could take over the Michigan State job?

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Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger & SI’s Pat Forde react to Mel Tucker’s response to the Title IX investigation and predict possible successors in the event that Tucker is let go from the Spartans.

Michigan State’s Mel Tucker responded to the news surrounding his Title IX investigation and had a different stance than Brenda Tracy, the woman who he is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with. The guys still believe there is little to no chance that Tucker returns to Michigan State, so they go through possible candidates looking to make a splash in the Big Ten.

With all the negativity from coaches and athletic directors in regards to NIL and the transfer portal, Dan decides to do some research and see if it’s impacting parity within college football. Dan explains that the top recruits in the nation are increasingly going to a wider variety of programs and the guys figure the phenomenon stems from universities’ desires for star players and athletes’ desires for earlier playing time.

Week 3 of college football has an odd slate of games, and weeks like this will only increase due to scheduling stubbornness and trying to beat the bottom line. The guys share frustration that the Louisville and Indiana series will only take place this year due to Indiana backing out to play an additional home game vs Indiana State.

The Pac-2 (Oregon State and Washington State) is suing the rest of the former Pac-12 to try and prevent them from a majority vote on the final details regarding their departure. There is another hearing expected in October to determine whether or not the schools that are leaving the conference will be able to have a say in the final matters.

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh had a big day off on Saturday. The crew revels in his lawn care routine along with a Harbaugh-esque speech he gave to a youth football team.

Lastly, the People’s Court returns as Burger King is being sued over a disparity in size between their actual Whopper sandwich and the advertisements shown in restaurants.

1:00 Who should replace Mel Tucker?

21:24 The transfer portal is helping create parity

40:50 Week 3’s odd slate of games

50:17 Jim Harbaugh’s day off

52:50 The Pac-2 files a lawsuit against the quitters

59:50 The People’s Court

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Washington State head coach Jake Dickert on the sidelines before playing Stanford
Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
Washington State head coach Jake Dickert on the sidelines before playing Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports