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World's biggest beer carton goes on sale for over $1000

Australia is known around the world for many things.

Among them are a love of beer, and really big things dotted around the country.

Well it appears the US has beaten us to it and combined the two.

Global beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon has recently unveiled a carton of beer that dwarfs the traditional 24-beer case.

Inside the gargantuan carton, the beer company has squeezed in 1844 cans of beer, which the company claims is the biggest case in the world.

The 1844 pack beer carton for sale in the US. Source: Beer Street Journal/ Twitter
The 1844 pack beer carton is certainly impressive. Source: Beer Street Journal/ Twitter

It follows last year's release of a 1776-beer carton in conjunction with Independence Day, a nod to the year the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

The significance of the latest offering is the year Pabst Blue Ribbon was founded.

Nick Reely, the VP of marketing at PBR, said the previous campaign had "created a lot of buzz", inspiring them to go even bigger this year, Forbes reported.

However one major issue with the previous offering was its availability. But this year they're rolling out 250 cases across the US for those beer fanatics.

A photo of the mega case was shared by Beer Street Journal, and it really is rather impressive.

One image circulating on Twitter shows one of the cases reportedly being sold for $849.99 (A$1245).

"I have the deepest urge to buy the box," one impressed user said.

And amid a cost of living crisis, the company is combining the release with a sweepstake where customers can win cash and gas.

Sadly the cases will only be available in the US. But who knows, maybe VB will take note.

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