P-Valley inspired docu-series releases first-look trailer

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P-Valley inspired doc release first-look trailerSTARZ

P-Valley-inspired documentary Down in the Valley has confirmed its release date and dropped its first-look trailer.

Hosted by Uncle Clifford actor Nicco Annan, the show delves into the world of the Deep South and aims to showcase the real people who live there, and challenge the stereotypes and preconceptions.

Across the six 30-minute episodes, which will premiere on July 5, the show will explore everything from traditional rituals to the world of strip clubs and sex workshops.

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"This right here is the real-life dirty Delta, and we 'bout to give y'all that grit," Annan says in the voicer. "It is what it is, down in the valley."

When the show was announced, he said that: "I can't wait for y'all to get a taste of this fiercely unpredictable, deep-dive dance into Southern culture.

"It's a black mirror of sorts. Going through the experience of watching Down in the Valley, the audience will immerse and connect with culture beyond the narrow lens of their everyday neighborhoods, and see through a mirrored reflection the forgotten Black American South like never before."

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Starz President of Original Programming Kathryn Busby added that it was "a natural companion to our hit scripted series" and will feature "parallels drawn between the real-life experiences of Southern communities and the compelling narratives Katori [Hall] shares in P-Valley."

As stated above, the series is a companion piece to P-Valley, which has a third season on the way. A lot went down in the season 2 finale, and you can remind yourself of all the biggest moments here, while also reading Katori Hall's opinion on whether a certain character is coming back or not.

Down in the Valley will premiere on July 5 on Starz.

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