P-plater caught on camera talking on phone

A P-plater was filmed chatting away on her mobile phone as she was being followed by police.

The woman was caught driving on a road in Newcastle and is seen in the video holding up her phone and laughing when drivers try to get her attention to tell her about the police.

She dropped her phone into her lap and continued driving.

Other drivers honked their horns and one driver said in the video: “There’s a cop there.”

“Does she not see the cop behind her?” Another person said.

A P-plater was caught on video talking on her mobile phone. Source: 7 News

The passenger in the car filming the incident then yelled out to the woman, warning her about the police.

“See the cop? There’s a cop behind you, they’re going to get you,” she said.

The P-plater was not charged over the incident but police say they are investigating.

The footage was uploaded to the ‘bad drivers caught on dashcam’ Facebook page.

The P-plater held up her phone and laughed when drivers tried to get her attention. Source: 7 News