'It must be a mistake': Two Queenslanders shocked to hear of $80m lotto jackpot win

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A woman who was one of two Queensland winners to take home a staggering $40million from Tuesday night’s Oz Lotto draw initially thought news of her windfall was some sort of mistake.

“No way! No way! That can’t be true! It must be a mistake!” the Ipswich mother told The Lott officials as they called her to reveal she had scooped half of the $80 million jackpot.

The Queenslander, reluctant to believe she was the recipient of the life-changing sum, had initially checked her ticket and convinced herself she had won just “a couple of thousand”.

“It’s just so weird to think I am a multi-millionaire!”

A Queensland mum couldn't believe she'd scooped a massive $40million on Tuesday night. Source: The Lott

The other Division 1 winner, just 150km north in Sunshine Coast, said he wouldn’t be able to sleep thanks to the gargantuan prize.

When hearing his phone ring, he had an inkling as to who it might be.

“I think I know what you’re calling about,” he said on answering the phone.

“It’s just fantastic! That’s very exciting.

“I was watching YouTube and thought I should check my entry. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it.”

The jackpot was the third-highest offer in the game’s 25-year history and up to one-in-four adult Australians were believed to have an entry in the draw.

The female winner purchased her 6-game QuickPick entry online while the Sunshine Coast male purchased his System 8 QuickPick entry at NewsXpress in the Gold Coast suburb of Robina.

Overseas holidays planned for both winners

When the Ipswich winner was asked how she planned to enjoy her new-found multi-millionaire status, she confessed it would be life as usual tomorrow.

“I don’t think much will change. Tomorrow will just be the same old thing. I’ve still got to do the school drop off,” she said.

But she did say long term she would take the opportunity to whisk her family off to Canada on their dream holiday.

Overseas trips are planned for both winners. Source: The Lott

“We’ll do that. We’ll do everything! It will be absolutely life-changing!” she declared.

For the Sunshine Coast winner, his eyes are set on Europe.

“I’ve always wanted to go to the Italian Grand Prix!” he confessed.

“It’s in September and by the looks of things I’ll be able to do that now. I’ll definitely be able to do that in style!”

As well as realising his dream of attending the Grand Prix, the winner also revealed the windfall would allow him to follow another long-held passion.

“I’ll keep working but I think I’ll have a change of career and do something I am passionate about.”

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