OXS Thunder Pro, a Small but Mighty Soundbar for Designed for Gamers

We're spoiled for choice when it comes to soundbars these days, but the OXS Thunder Pro deserves your attention – especially if you're a gamer.

Formed in 2021, OXS is a relative newcomer on the scene with years (if not decades) of experience less than many of the brands its competing with. The OXS Thunder Pro, its recently released flagship model, is a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar built with gamers in mind. Amongst its many features are three game modes that have been tuned with specific gaming scenarios in mind: for shooters, users can switch to FPS mode where certain sounds such as footsteps have been enhanced, giving players an advantage by being able to hear opponents coming earlier; meanwhile, fans of racing simulators can opt for RAC mode which intensifies the roar of engines and other car sounds to create a more immersive race experience; and, lastly, there's MOBA mode, which the company claims "enhances the clarity of character skill sounds and team communications" to help ensure you don't miss an important in-game moment or a voice chat from an online friend.

Software aside, the Thunder Pro packs a total of six neodymium magnet drivers and two built-in woofers. These include four 1.5-inch full-range drivers, two smaller larger 2.5-inch full-range drivers, and two 0.75-inch tweeters, of which two are up-firing, two are front-firing, and two are located on the sides of the unit. Additionally, OXS has included four passive radiators that help to boost the soundbar's bass, working in tandem with the two built-in woofers to deliver warm, punchy lows.

In terms of its form factor, the Thunder Pro is considerably smaller than most comparable soundbars and measures under 24-inches long. This makes makes it very desk-friendly; indeed, OXS is marketing this as an under-monitor option, and while we can't verify exactly how accurate the company's claim that the Thunder Pro is "40% smaller" than the most popular models from other brands, its dimensions make it a good choice for people with limited desk space who still want the power and immersion gained from having a soundbar. The device has a power output of 90 watts that can be pushed to 180 watts peak, a 75Hz - 20kHz frequency response, and a claimed less-than-1% distortion level.

Connectivity wise users are in for a treat as the soundbar supports Bluetooth 5.0, auxiliary input, and both HDMI IN and HDMI eARC (perfect for use with televisions, supporting 8K video or 4K UHD at 120FPS). It's also USB-ready (types C and A) and has both a 3.5mm microphone-in and 3.5mm stereo jack. This makes the OXS Thunder Pro quite versatile in terms of most connection options gamers (and casual TV users) will have, but other options usually targeted at audiophiles -- such as an optical connection – are not available here.

In the box you'll find both a traditional remote control as well as what OXS calls Toggle Control, a desktop sound adjustment accessory that can be rotated or pressed for different functions. Toggle Control can be used to adjust volume as well as EQ modes, while the remote control additionally allows users to switch between connected devices.

And, finally, would it really be a gaming peripheral without some form of RGB lighting? The OXS Thunder Pro features RGB lights that react to in-game actions, making for an audio-visual sensory experience that some people will love... and some probably will not. RGB isn't for everyone.

The OXS Thunder Pro is compatible with PCs and most modern consoles including PS5 and Xbox. It's available now via the OXS website priced at $599.99 USD / £599.99 GBP.