Owner's heartbreak as family dog found dead in backyard

A dog owner has spoken of her heartbreak at discovering her beloved dog was killed in the backyard of her home.

Tracy Kenwery discovered the bloodied body of her dog in the courtyard of her home in Altona, Melbourne, just before 5pm on Tuesday.

Amigo, a two-year-old Bull Arab and Great Dane cross, had been strangled and bashed by an intruder.

“Went out the back and my dog was dead by my back door,” Ms Kenwery said.

Dog owner Tracy Kenwery (pictured) has spoken of her heartbreak upon discovering that her Bull Arab Great Dane cross resue dog Amigo had been killed in a case of animal cruelty.
Dog owner Tracy Kenwery (pictured) has spoken of her heartbreak upon discovering that her dog Amigo had been killed. Source: 7News

“I slept last night with his favourite toy and it still hasn’t sunk in yet.

“He’s more than just a dog, more than just a family pet. He was very much a big part of our family and my companion.”

Ms Kenwery and her family had cared for Amigo for almost two years.

The family adopted the rescue dog, who had been abused by his original owners.

“He was malnourished, he’d never even been out of a cage,” Ms Kenwery said.

Police have now launched an investigation and are asking for the public’s help to find the person responsible.

At this stage they are are treating the matter as an isolated case of animal cruelty and have not linked it to any other burglaries.

Amigo, a 2-year-old Bull Arab Great Dane cross dog (pictured) was murdered in his own backyard in Altona, Melbourne in a case of animal abuse
Amigo, a two-year-old Bull Arab/Great Dane cross, was killed in his own backyard. Source: 7News (left) and Facebook/Tracy Kenwery (right)

In addition to killing Amigo, the intruder entered a shed in the yard, but nothing was stolen and there was no attempt to break into the house.

“That’s what sort of makes it a little more confusing was the scene was quite still. It wasn’t disturbed at all,” Detective Senior Constable Joshua Curwood said.

There has been a forensic check of the yard and an autopsy conducted to find more clues.