Overwhelmed by fireworks? This P.E.I. non-profit is handing out headphones for Canada Day

The Autism Society of P.E.I. will be lending out noise-cancelling headphones in Victoria Park on Canada Day to help sensory-sensitive folks enjoy the fireworks in a quieter way.

Natalie Walsh-Annand, executive director of the society, said the goal is to make the July 1 celebrations more inclusive for people who can get overstimulated by loud noises.

"Many individuals who are autistic can be overwhelmed or … overheightened to their sensory needs," Walsh-Annand said.

Bright lights and parade sirens can overpower people's senses, while some can perceive noise differently, she said.

"Just because we don't hear it as loud doesn't mean that someone else doesn't, right?"

Volunteers with the autism society will begin distributing the headphones at 9 p.m. Monday on a first-come, first-served basis.